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4 awesome, little-known SEO blogs you should start following right now

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Four little-known, yet awesome, search engine optimization blogs for both SEO veterans and newbies alike:

SEO, for the uninitiated, can be an incredibly challenging field to get into. The field is filled with misinformation, making it especially easy to lose your way. These 4 SEO blogs, however, cut through the cloud of misinformation surrounding the SEO space, and provide their viewers with actionable, and useful, search engine optimization information:

4. Source Wave
Source wave is a rarity in the SEO field: Its author, Alex Becker, provides his readers with actionable SEO methodology, instead of theory, that his readership can use to get results immediately. It is a great “gateway” information source for those new to SEO, and will be sure to get you started the right way.

3. Point Blank SEO
A stand-alone SEO information source, Point Blank SEO’s author, John Cooper, has created for his readership a top quality search engine optimization resource for both newbies and pros alike.

2. Kaiser the Sage
A fantastic SEO resource for experienced and inexperienced SEOs alike, Kaiser the Sage provides his readers with helpful information that they can take action, and get results with. It is regularly updated, and is well regarded within the industry as a go-to information resource for anyone within the SEO space.

1. Backlinko
A fantastic resource for unique, actionable, information on both on-site, and off-site, SEO. Created by SEO expert Brian Dean in mid 2012, he has built a following of over 40,000 email subscribers by consistently providing his readers with rare, quality SEO information.

“I created the blog I wanted to read,” said Brian. “After Google’s first Penguin update in April 2012, most of the best SEO advice became literally obsolete overnight.”

“So, in December 2012 I decided to launch my blog. I knew I didn't have all the answers, but I was hoping I could provide value to people looking for answers in today's SEO world".

Additional SEO Resources on the Web:



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