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4 Android and iPhone Apps for Kids with Autism

Android and iPhone Apps for Kids with Autism
Android and iPhone Apps for Kids with Autism

Most parents of high-functioning children with autism have to endure the pain of seeing their child struggle socially. The major concern for these parents is their child’s lack of social interest, which kind of makes them disconnected from the society and susceptible to bullying. This can be the biggest reason for parents of kids with autism to turn to technology in order to help their kids learn to blossom socially. The good news is that many special needs apps developers have started building apps for kids with autism to make these children friendlier and socially active.

Somerset-based app development firm WebTeam Corporation has developed a number of individual and modular special education apps. These teaching programs are products of years of collaborative efforts. They are created to help children with high- and low-functioning with autism.

It is a well-known fact that children on the autism spectrum find it difficult to gain the social skills they need for basic interactions with others. The basic and small behavioral cues such as giving appropriate personal space, smiling, and eye contact are often absent in individuals with autism. As these small things come naturally to others, kids with autism need to learn, and mostly learn through repetition.

To most of the families with a child on the spectrum, it often becomes difficult to find effective ways to help their child learn the basic social skills. Now, what could be better than special education apps to help these individuals become sociable? As it is, most individuals with autism love the latest gadgets and gizmos. WebTeam Corporation has a repertoire of cool apps that can not only help these special children learn, but also make them comfortable mingling with their peers. Let’s have a glance at what WebTeam has in store for you.

  1. Social Talks – This app helps your child learn social skills in an interactive way with positive reinforcements. Colourful animations and rewards can help in boosting your child’s engagement and confidence. You can even customize this app to suit your child’s learning pace and needs.
  2. What’s The Expression – This belongs to a very special league of its own! Using What’s the Expression a child learns to express his/her feelings through facial expressions. The student can learn to show his/her happiness, sadness, anger and many more expressions.
  3. Face Read 1 and Face Read 2 – These two apps are meant for toddlers and young teens with autism, respectively. These apps can help special children understand another person’s moods by studying their facial expressions.
  4. Read Cursive – This app teaches young individuals how to read English cursive letters. With the help of this app children can read different letters, sentences, words, and short stories. The app is conceptualized by Kate Gladstone who is a handwriting expert and autism activist who serves on the Autism Society of America Program Committee.

About WebTeam Corporation:

Founded in 2005, WebTeam Corporation develops technologies and apps to help parents, teachers and therapists manage autism at home and in the classroom. Since January 2012, WebTeam’s autism apps have registered over 1.2 million downloads across iTunes, Google Play, Nook and Kindle, while delivering 5,000 daily sessions on average.

At the 2014 International CES, WebTeam’s innovative autism management technology received global recognition, when Verizon awarded the company $500,000 in its Powerful Answers Award competition.

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