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4 Alternative ways to celebrate Christmas



      Christmas is a wonderful time of year. There is good food to eat, good spirits all around, and beautiful decorations everywhere. For some households this year, Christmas may not be in the usual gift giving amounts as years prior. Lost jobs, lingering high gas prices, and caring for sick or extra family members, may have the finances tighter than ever before. 

      There are alternative ways to celebrate Christmas and still feel good about not giving an abundance of brand new gifts. 
1.    Find someone to serve- People always need help this time of year. Single parent homes with no gift giving options are a good place to start. Homeless shelters serving food can always  use extra helping hands. Widows and military families may need emotional support just to get through the holiday. It is very humbling and fulfilling to serve someone who has little reason to celebrate Christmas.
2.    Have a birthday party- Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ who came into this world to save sinners. Baking a cake and making a special dinner is a great way to celebrate Christmas.
3.    Have a “ re-gift” exchange- Having a special gift exchange within the household or with special friends using an item that you already possess makes for a fun time.
4.    Homemade gifts are great. Homemade gifts come from the heart. Using resources to make gifts such as cookies or printing special pictures are a one of a kind gift.
     The most important aspect about Christmas is spending time with family and friends. Make the most of your holiday season even if it has to be done creatively this year.  

AP Photo/ Jens Meyer