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4 Agile steps entrepreneurs can use to avoid getting trapped

Why walk through a web you can avoid?
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Spiders set up webs to trap their food. They spend long hours creating intricate patterns. The patterns can be beautiful to observe, but walking through them feels really icky! So, why not look and identify the webs in advance and avoid them. You may not avoid all of them, but why use your face as a cleaning device.

No matter how skilled you are or well-planned your business is, problems almost always arise. Being prepared for the unexpected is important to exiting unpleasant situations with the best possible outcome. Planning for all unexpected events is not possible, but a few may be anticipated and alternatives identified in advance. You are certain to be totally blindsided by some events. Your ability to react efficiently and quickly could make the difference between success and failure.

The following list provides a few suggestions to help you:

1. Learn as much as possible – Any route to a goal or destination may have multiple paths to reach a successful conclusion. Sometimes, interim steps are adjustable or have alternate paths. Only by understanding the objectives and routes can one identify suitable alternate paths.

2. Watch the road – It is hard to avoid a collision while texting on your phone. In short, keep your eyes on the road. In the case of business, the objectives and end products are the final destination. The road is your route of getting there. You need both a long range and short range vision of the path and the goals. Do not take your eyes off the prize!

3. Plan ahead – It is easy to see all the spider webs under ones house. You can decide in advance to avoid them or find a means of clearing them as you move through the space to do a repair. Webs that can trap exist in business as well. Thinking ahead and seeking ways to avoid the problems may help you eliminate many. You will still get hit with the unexpected, but maybe you can reduce the number of unexpected events and save energy and time.

4. Learn to react quickly – Trouble strikes when you least expect it. What will you do? Learning to reach quickly and make good decisions is critical. Remember to remain Agile in your Thinking!

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