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4 accessories to help you relax at the office

Stress is an unhealthy component of work. According to the U.K.'s Labour Force Survey, nearly 40 percent of office illnesses are due to stress.

You can also put artificial flowers to humanize your cubicle.
Photo by Thomas Lohnes

Industries with the highest rates of work-related stress are health, military, education, and public administration. Stress is primarily caused by workload (46 percent) while people issues (28 percent) are also a contributing factor, according to The American Institute of Stress.

Here are four accessories that may help you relieve pressure at work.

Relaxing Posters

Calendars are often filled with deadline-driven projects and to-do lists. Worse, these calendars are often posted next to the computer screen, constantly reminding workers of urgent tasks.

Put the calendar behind your seat (where you can't see it), and place soothing images in front sight. These can be meditation-related posters such as a serene rainforest or picture of a tranquil Buddha.

Some U.S. Navy SEALS control their mind and emotions by taking deep breaths, meditating, and visualizing themselves to be at the bottom of a pond.

Surround yourself with meditative visuals, and they'll help to keep you focused and calm.


Indoor plants improve air quality and boost productivity. A 2013 study by scientists at the University of Exeter concluded that plants aid concentration, increase productivity and improve employees' wellbeing by 47 percent.

You can also put artificial flowers to humanize your cubicle. These won't require constant watering and maintenance. Plants will help you feel like you're working in a natural environment.

Electric Massager

Chronic stress can be physically harmful because workers tend to ignore or push down its unpleasantness. Left unchecked, chronic stress can negatively affect a person's health and immune system.

An electric massager can reduce physical tension in one's muscles. This tool can come in handy a few times a day. Just don't make it a substitute for proper rest and a healthy diet.

Sports Paraphernalia

A mini-basketball hoop or football can be a helpful way of reducing stress levels and improving mental well-being. When you take a break, move your body around and inhale plenty of oxygen.

There's not much room near your desk to do a full-body workout, but you can sneak in exercises such as push-ups once every few hours.

Physical activity fights stress, depression, and anxiety. It will also rejuvenate your mind and body once you get back to work.

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