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4-11-14: This week's area fishing report

C.J. Brown Reservoir: Walleyes are being caught off of the rocks about 10-12 feet deep. Large minnows have been the best baits. You’ll also pick up some crappies in the same area and at the marina. For largemouth bass, cast off the banks with Rat-L-Traps. Catfish have been caught on nightcrawlers.

Grand Lake St. Marys: Most of the emphasis has been on crappie fishing. Anglers are working the channels – in the middle and also around brush – with minnows or small jigs tipped with waxworms. A few bluegills have been caught by crappie fishermen, usually on waxworms. Catfish are hitting all over the lake on cut bait and nightcrawlers.

Lake Loramie: Muddy conditions have limited fishing. A few crappies are being caught on the east end of the lake on jigs tipped with waxworms or minnows. Catfish are biting on cut shad or nightcrawlers. A few bluegills have been caught on waxworms. Look for saugeyes in the creek with recent rain bringing up the water level.

Rocky Fork Lake: Bass fishing has been good off of points, using crankbaits or along the shore around stumps and laydowns with spinnerbaits. Trout fishing remains open to the public at the campground docks. Use small spinners or waxworms. Bluegills are hitting waxworms or redworms in the coves. The best crappie fishing has been in Kelly’s Cove or off of the north beach. Look for wood and fish with minnows or small tubes or twisters.

Paint Creek Lake: As flood water levels drop, fishing will improve. All ramps should be open this weekend. The best crappie fishing will be on the north end of the lake in the creek arms. Fish 3-6 feet deep with minnows or small jigs. The best bass fishing has been with crankbaits off of points about 5 feet deep. Bluegills are hitting waxworms in the brush. Catfish are biting on cut shad. Spillway fishing has been difficult with the high water flow.

Indian Lake: Crappies are spawning, so the best fishing has been in the channels and shallow water. Use minnows or jigs tipped with waxworms. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers and leeches. Saugeye fishing is just starting. Try the spillway, Dream Bridge, North Fork or Pew Island. Use Vib-Es, large minnows or leeches.

Acton Lake: Muddy waters have curtailed fishing. The best bet for crappies is to fish off the pier in 8-10 feet of water using minnows. The best spot for catfish has been the headwaters, using nightcrawlers or cut shad.

Rush Run and Clark Lake: Stocked rainbow trout are still being caught in both lakes. Use small jigs with waxworms, Trout Nibbles or small spinners.

Tawawa Lake (Shelby County): The lake will be stocked with rainbow trout on April 16.

Davis Lake (Auglaize County): Rainbow trout will be stocked on April 17.

Caesar Creek Lake: Fishing conditions are changing as the lake returns to summer pool. All docks are in and all ramps are open. Shallow areas have been the most productive for saugeyes and muskies. For saugeyes, try tipping a colorful twister with a piece of nightcrawler. For muskies use large spinnerbaits or stickbaits. Crappies have been deep, around structure about 20 feet down. Use jigs tipped with large minnows.

Lake Erie: Ice-out walleyes have been caught mostly by trolling deep-diving crankbaits at slow speeds. The best spots have been south and east of the Camp Perry firing range and around South Bass Island. For Lake Erie information, visit or call (888) HOOK-FISH.

Maumee River: The walleye run is on with many male fish being caught. The best bait is a Carolina-rigged twister with an 18 - 24 inch leader with about 1/4 - 1/2 ounces of weight (depending on water flow). Orange and fire-tiger have been the best colors. Orleans Park and White’s Landing have been the most productive areas. For more information, visit or

Sandusky River: Walleye fishing has been good, despite high water conditions. For more information, visit

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