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3rd Annual Trinity River Corridor Photo Contest is underway

The Dallas Trinity River Corridor Photo Contest allows kids and adults to explore the beauty with their cameras. Grand Prize winner 2010.
The Dallas Trinity River Corridor Photo Contest allows kids and adults to explore the beauty with their cameras. Grand Prize winner 2010.
Sean Fitzgerald

For the third year in a row the City of Dallas and the Trinity River Corridor Project are holding a photo contest for photographers of any age for youth, amateurs and professionals. The subject categories are wildlife, forest/prairie, architecture/structures and the various rivers/ponds along the Dallas Trinity River Corridor Project. The winners of last year’s contest showed diversity with coyotes howling on a snow covered riverbank, the flooded Trinity River, buildings reflecting in the water, the hardwoods during a downpour and close-up wildlife photos.

One of the main features in the area is the Trinity River Audubon Center.
Sustainable and LEED-certified, the Center is lies on 120 acres in the Great Trinity Forest. The $37 million restoration and capital improvement project is only 8 minutes from Downtown Dallas. It features educational classes, workshops, bird tracking programs, hiking trails and a nature club.

The Great Trinity Forest is 6,000 acres and supports diverse plant and animal species.
It is a mixture of aquatic and wetland ecosystems, hardwoods and grasslands. It is common to spot over 50 bird species in a day. Texas is home to 636 out of the 957 bird species in the U.S. This area is a dream for nature lovers and photographers. There are also paddling trails.

Plants and birds on the four mile walking trails

• Lemon beelbalm, Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers in the restored prairie

• wetland bogs

• Grasshopper Sparrows, Dickcissels, Eastern Meadowlarks, Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Cooper’s Hawks to name a few

With all the beauty in the largest urban forest in the U.S. the Trinity River Corridor Photo Contest is breathtaking.
Emily Henderson

Best Views of the Trinity River

• Upper and Lower Chain of Wetlands

• Trinity River Audubon Center

• Trinity Overlook 110 W. Commerce Street (at Beckley)

• Great Trinity Forest

• Margaret Hunt Hill Construction (Beckley at the Continental Ave. Bridge

• Trinity River Trammel Crow Park (3700 Sylvan Avenue)

3rd Annual Trinity River Corridor Project Photo Contest
• The Contest ends on October 15, 2011 at midnight.

• Judging begins shortly thereafter

• There will be a presentation to the winners during a City Council Meeting

• Grand prize winner $500; 1st place winners $125; 2nd places $50; 3rd places $25

Register online here under special events

Trinity River Audubon Center
500 Great Trinity Forest Way*
Dallas, TX 75217

For more information call 214-398-TRAC
*Dallas recently changed the name of the street so if the Great Trinity Forest way does not show up on maps or GPS, please try 6500 Loop 12.


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