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3rd annual 420 rally up in smoke

Smoke-in at Civic Center Park
Smoke-in at Civic Center Park
C Charvat photo


  • JR Bailey Casper Coffee Examiner 6 years ago

    My response to the 420 Meeting?

    2000 Cops in Riot Gear, 2000 Semis waiting with back doors open for the newly arrived handcuffed Scoff Laws, and 2000 courts across Colorado waiting to arraign, try, and if convicted, ready to send the 10,000 to jail.

    The 10k mindless and heartless jerks toking to their hearts' content, helped MURDER more innocent people, ENSLAVE more innocent people, with each Toke they took.

    The 10k are people WITHOUT any moral conscience, they are people with too much money, too little common sense, and no grasp of reality....perhaps they're too stoned too much of the time to smell the rotting corpses, to hear the screams of terror by those kidnapped, or see the horror in someone's eyes about to have their heads hacked off by a machete held by an MS13 member, to even care.

    The saddest part is that these same 10k mindless are probably Social Progressives, and vote stoned as well, for policies that come from those who are stupid/stoned.


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