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3D Trailer for “Machete Kills”

In MACHETE KILLS, Danny Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent MACHETE, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man – he must take down a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war and anarchy across the planet.

Machete Kills
Machete Kills

Danny Trejo, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jessica Alba headline the cast of the highly anticipated sequel which hits theaters on October 11th, 2013.

Trejo as Machete is more than enough to get viewers in the seats, throw in the rest of the cast and you have a real recipe for a serious cult following. The first Machete had an almost troma style feel to it, a little more refined, but a little out there too. I expect the sequel to be more of the same.