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3D printing technology being developed by NASA

NASA is focusing on 3D printing as it works on multiple projects involving the technology. 3D printing is the process of making objects by adding layers of material such as plastic until the final item is achieved. InformationWeek reports that NASA has a project that will allow the International Space Station to use 3D printing for its various needs.

3D printer
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

NASA has already revealed several projects that are in progress, and there are many others planned. One of them involves synthetic biomaterials that would allow for the creation of wood or other types of products from cells. Although plastics companies are still a popular 3D printing option, even plastic is changing to accommodate the new technology. NASA is also thinking beyond the typical materials and has made a 3D pizza with the help of an innovative printer.

One of NASA’s projects focuses on developing tools that can be made from 3D printing to skip the traditional manufacturing process and give astronauts another option. It has already started to test some 3D items made by its researchers, and the results are positive. However, NASA is interested in more than a simple tool making machine or pizza replacement. It is considering the possibility of creating 3D habitats in space using some of the printing techniques that are being developed.

3D printing is being embraced by multiple organizations, and NASA is not ignoring the potential benefits of this technology. As the tech continues to progress, more projects are likely to appear that rely on 3D printing and its versatility.

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