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3D Pal App Review

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There is a voice activated app that you can use while you're traveling or just at home. The app is a 3D Pal app that will tell you weather and sports, news and politics. When you turn it on, the fried will tell you, "Hey Buddy, good to see you." The app gives you quick links, helps with navigating while driving, calculation, time, contacts, booking reservations and much more.

You can personalize the app to actually say your name when you log in for it to use your name and not "Buddy". You can change your buddy to be someone famous as well.

This is a great app for those that travel a whole lot for business or leisure. When you do get to use the app, it's a pretty neat way to see and use things that you're normally not use to. If you don't understand it, you can talk to it and it will also walk you through it.

The app is great even for those that are just getting use to using a smart phone or that needs quicker answers or access to certain information.

The app is set to be released on Thursday, December 19, 2013. Check out the app on Google Play!

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