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3D Modeling Goes Mainstream

Far from a fad, 3D modeling is becoming mainstream on websites and in mobile applications. Existing applications and websites can be optimized with 3D interactive technologies to build an exceptional user experience that brings brands alive.

The power of 3D images comes from their ability to deliver a wealth of information in a small space, as they add dimension and movement to static websites and apps. Maps with images that look as if they are right there in front of the user, or a private message that pops out at the customer when it is received, are some of the ways that 3D images engage consumers, making them feel they are interacting with the website or app.

A 3D interactive experience that users want to engage with is a magnet for your brand. As the frequency and depth of interaction increase, consumers become more informed about your product or service, develop a relationship with your brand, and are more likely to become buying customers.

A visitor's first point of contact on a website or app is visual, and unique, powerful 3D images attract attention and provoke an emotional response. Consumers want to continue to engage with your brand. You can enhance the user experience, increase engagement, extend the relationship, and maximize the impact of your 3D assets by deploying them across your website, mobile application, and social media channels. Delivery across multiple platforms ensures that you are reaching all of your potential customers' digital touch points.

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