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39 smart, low-cost ideas for small advertisers

$12.50 an hour
$12.50 an hour

Many organizations throughout the Richmond metro area offer many classes and lectures on advertising for business owners. While the information is valid, the presenters are knowledgeable, and the intentions are excellent, most don't leave small business owners any sense of what they can do in the way of advertising to start building their business.

There are several reasons.

Theory doesn't help much

First, they explain how advertising works overall. That's fine as far as it goes, but it doesn't leave small business owners who do their own marketing with any specific action they themselves can take right away. Which leads us to the second problem.

Your pockets are too shallow

Good advertising professionals tend to think in terms of sustained, long-term campaigns. They should. But sustained campaigns cost money.

Lots of money, even in a relatively small market like Richmond.

More money than most small-business owners, who in the best of times can scrape up the cash for a one-shot here and there, can afford – especially in this economy. (And one-shots don't do much good; you could blow $150 for 30 seconds of air time on a local radio station and have nothing to show for it except your cancelled check.)

Coupled with that is the fact that most small-business models aren't set up to gradually build results over time.

Practical, not theoretical

That's why, at 6:30 Wednesday, March 12, in the John Rolfe Martin's second-floor Community Room, the Richmond chapter of SCORE will be offering a different kind of workshop. What makes it different is that instead of dealing with the theory of advertising, it deals with 39 basic, proven actions that small-business owners can take to build their business through advertising and marketing, including:

  • how to measure your prospective target audience, for free.
  • how to save hundreds of dollars on business cards.
  • how to get $5,000 worth of search engine optimization for $10 a year.
  • how to save on media buys.
  • how to avoid the mistake of white-pages marketing in a yellow-pages world.

Just 64¢ per idea

The workshop isn't free, but at $25 for the two-hour session, it's the next best thing. That works out to just $12.50 per hour, or about 64¢ per idea.

And you'll walk out with a to-do list that can make your marketing efforts more effective.

Seating's limited, and the last session of this workshop was booked solid. So click here get more information or register now.

Operators are standing by.


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