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38-year-old man only eats cheese pizza

We all say we could eat pizza for all major meals per day, but one man is practicing what we all pitched to our parents as kids. Dan Janssen is a 38-year-old man who lives in Maryland and he eats only one thing, ever. His meal of choice is cheese pizza.

Morning, noon and night, one man chooses pizza for his meal.
Flickr Creative Commons, The Pizza Review

According to LA Times on Feb. 26, he only eats cheese pizza. For all the toppings in the world, he only wants the basic, perhaps with a little oregano. Janssen says that he’ll eat an entire 14-inch pizza.

His pizza-rich diet began when he decided to become a vegetarian for ethical reasons. However, he also decided he doesn’t like vegetables. Though the nutritional value of pizza, especially only cheese, may not necessarily have lead to it, Janssen says he has diabetes. He notes he occasionally does pass out when his blood sugar is too low, but he says pizza isn’t the problem.

It is another kind of problem though. He and his vegetarian fiancé are restricted to dining out only where pizza is served so a kind of strain exists there.

But, Janssen says he won’t change. His alarming perspective is: “"They have to have locally grown food from around the corner .... I like processed food. I like preservatives and pizza."

He’s really missing out of the world of deli meats then.

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