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36th Annual Point-to-Point hits the Brandywine Valley on May 4

The elegance and pageantry of the Winterthur Point-to-Point
The elegance and pageantry of the Winterthur Point-to-Point

Every May, there is an event where families and friends gather to tailgate in majesty. Where gourmet food is eaten and drinks are sipped on a beautiful spring afternoon all while watching competitive horse races against a backdrop of rolling estate grounds. It is an event that defines the Brandywine Valley and all of its beauty. It is the 36th Annual Point-to-Point races at Winterthur Museum in Greenville, Delaware and in 2014, it occurs on May 4.

The main event at Point-to-Point is, of course, the racing. You can enjoy the fast-paced action of four different steeplechase races amongst thousands of people that descend upon the Winterthur grounds every year. If this is something that excites you and you have never experienced a steeplechase, it is worth it to grab a spot on the rail early so you can witness all of the action of the races, as well as the country’s largest antique carriage parade.

However, many people would argue that the real draw is the festive tailgate parties that line the property on the day of the races. From the various, unique classic cars that dot the grounds to the hundreds of distinctive large hats worn by many women on race day, there are not many experiences like the tailgating scene at Winterthur. The food and drink is not to be outdone, however, as race attendees come with lavish spreads that can be compared to any college football tailgate in America.

If you have never experienced the pageantry of an event like Point-to-Point, now is the time to do it. On a stunningly beautiful spring Sunday afternoon, Point-to-Point is the type of event that you share with others that make you sit back and say, “This is the life.” It is the perfect prelude to prepare you for the summer months.