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365 days of photography continues


If self portraits, pets and your favorite objects aren't inspiring a photograph a day, outlined below are some additional suggestions on what type of images you can capture to reach your goal.

Food. is a social networking website that works using global positioning to show snippets from peoples’ lives across the world. Unlike, you can browse the universe with one click and see photographs posted by people all over the world. One type of photograph that is seen on almost every page is food. Check out for some inspiring food photographs from many different countries. Take a photo of your favorite meal of the day, but think about what you would do to make that photo look like a magazine page from Bon Appétit. Perhaps add the ingredients to the background, arrange the food on a charming platter, or take a bite for something more interesting.  Suggestions for items needed: something edible, directional lamp for interesting light, turkey baster to add some juicy-ness.

Landscapes. Lighting and perspective are key when creating an interesting landscape photograph. If buildings are involved, try not to cut off edges or tips of the building. Though the subject matter can sometimes feel more general in a landscape, focus on one aspect of the scenery: sky, color, light, etc. Consider inserting a person walking down that beautiful, tree-lined path, or add a favorite object to the foreground to capture two types of images in one photograph.  Suggestions for items needed: tripod for timelapse, polarizer filter, interesting weather day.

People. There could potentially be nothing more interesting than capturing someone else’s smile in a photograph. Catch the light in their eyes, find some sunshine to light their hair, and move them into uncomfortable positions for your own amusement. Like a landscape photograph, try to focus on one aspect of the person: eyes, lips, hair, hands, etc. Ideally you want them to look their best or most interesting. Talk to the person and ask them questions about themselves to give you an opportunity to capture those natural expressions.  Suggestions for items needed: willing person, good joke, fun prop.

Photo Credit:  Copyright 2009, not for use without permission,  Wild Blue Bug Photography

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