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365 days of photography

Emma (Westie) & Lucy (Mini Schnauzer) of Minturn, Colorado

Take a photograph everyday. Not just a quick snapshot, but a photo you have to think about: lighting, composition, etc. It will be hard to do it everyday, but it’s the practice you need to understand photography and get better.

Outlined below are a few suggestions on what type of images you can capture to reach your goal.

Self portraits. is the inspiration behind this suggestion. There are over 1000 groups on Flickr that are dedicated to photographing yourself everyday for a year. You might even decide to document your thoughts on that day to create a journal through photographs of yourself. Ideally you set up the composition, lighting, etc. so the photograph is entirely your creation. Suggestions for items needed: yourself, camera with a timer, remote shutter release, or long arms.

Pets. Training may be in the works with this difficult photograph. Dogs can be easier because they are often intrigued enough in what you are doing to stare back at you. However, cats are quite independent and will often not cooperate.  Treat them like you would a person and choose angles that would highlight profiles, eyes, and smiles.  Suggestions for items needed: willing pet(s), toys, treats, and strange noises are often great attention-getters.

Favorite objects. This type of photograph will give you a lot of control over the set-up if you choose an item that is easily moveable. You could place your object under dramatic lighting and show it in use or on display. Perhaps choose an existing theme in your home and photograph those objects. Suggestions for items needed: multiple items (repetition of items can also help make an interesting photograph), duster or cloth to do a quick cleaning if you’re not into the “antique” look, directional lamp to create dramatic lighting.

Subscribe to the Vail Photography Examiner page.  This article will be continued with suggestions on food, landscapes, and people.

 Photo Credit: Copyright 2009, not for use without permission,  Wild Blue Bug Photography


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