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365 days of glass art

A glass sphere being made
A glass sphere being made

Columbus is half way through a whole year of celebrating the art of glass blowing. Along with the Chihuly in Columbus celebration, a simple way of titling three major exhibitions here in Columbus, Ohio, there is also GlassArt365.

For 365 days, beginning July 4, 2009, three exhibitions, three major shows and ongoing glass workshops and demonstrations will, and have gone on. With Dale Chihuly headlining this event, it has been an incredible success.

For the past six months three major exhibitions have opened at the Columbus Museum of Art, Franklin Park Conservatory and the Hawk Galleries. Two major shows that were put on at the Hawk Galleries and Upper Arlington's Concourse Gallery have since closed and there are ongoing glass workshops and demonstrations at Glass Axis and the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Currently the Conservatory is not offering glassblowing demonstrations due to the winter weather, but will resume the demonstrations through their Hot Shop on March 13, 2010. 

Columbus is wondering, what is next? For the past six months we have heard about Dale Chihuly and his successful exhibitions numerous times. We may have also heard about BIGG: Breakthrough ideas in Global Glass hosted by the Hawk Galleries from July 10-Oct. 10, 2009, the Melting Pot hosted by Upper Arlington's Concourse Gallery from July 22-Aug. 21, 2009 and African Art: Tradition and Influence hosted by the Kings Arts Complex from Nov. 12-Jan 9, 2010. He has even been here in Columbus for a private presentation.

Though there are no more scheduled exhibitions to continue this you can find glass art in several places here in Columbus. With popularity, the Short North on High Street is a great place to view glass art. With new exhibitions and shows coming up right around the corner for the monthly gallery hop, this would be a great time to view various art mediums, while continuing this celebration of Glass Art.

Galleries in the Short North

  • Marcia Evans Gallery
  • Kathryn
  • pm gallery
  • Rivet
  • Roy G Biv Gallery
  • Sharon Weiss Gallery
  • Studios on High Gallery
  • Terra Gallery

All of these galleries listed have glass art on display and conveniently are located within short walking distances from each other. Gallery Hop is the first Saturday of every month.


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