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360th District Court appoints an Associate Judge

After then District Judge Debra Lehrmann was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by Governor Rick Perry in May, the 360th District and Associate Court of Tarrant County has been a game of musical chairs. With the District Court vacant of a District Judge, local lawyers never knew if or who would be the visiting judge of the day.

Well, Governor Rick Perry finally appointed Judge Mike Sinha, current Associate Judge, as District Judge, to begin officially September 1, 2010. With Judge Sinha as District Judge there was now an opening in the Associate Court. Judge Sinha posted the job opening in almost every space available in the Family Law Center. Attorney Cynthia Mendoza of Fort Worth, Texas has been given the position in what has been called a very tight competition. Attorney Mendoza of Mendoza Law, PLLC, attended Texas Wesleyan University and has been licensed since 2003.

Considering elections for the 360th District Court will be held in November, there may be another round of musical chairs. The election will determine if Republican nominee Judge Mike Sinha will remain and keep status quo or if Democrat nominee Attorney Teri Estes will cause another change of guard.

Although it is an off election year, this race is sure to draw a lot of attention among the local legal community and for anyone who understands the Family Law Judges make life altering decisions for families every day.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I hope people understand how important this election is, considering there are no Democratic Family Law judges in Tarrant County.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Tarrant County residence should also these judges preside over their child custody cases that so many feel screwed over. Get to know the courts!!!

  • Profile picture of Annie Chu
    Annie Chu 3 years ago

    Great article!