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5.8 million Windows Phone sales and profit uptick shows Microsoft means business

Microsoft logo on company campus
Microsoft logo on company campus
Johannes Hemmerlein - Wikimedia Commons

Hot on the heels of announcing 18,000 employee layoffs, Microsoft has today released its quarterly financial report for the world to see. The new report that was released by Microsoft on July 22 covers the previous three months that ended on June 30. While one might expect business to be down based off of recent announcements, the opposite is in fact true, with the Redmond, Washington based company generating $23.38 billion with a net income of $4.61 billion.

Along with the financial information contained in the reports, readers will also find specific information regarding Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices. The report shows that the Lumia brand of Windows Phone (which is now owned by Microsoft) is performing incredibly well, with a reported 5.8 million units being sold during the last three months.

Microsoft recently completed the purchase of Nokia, and it seems to have been a very smart move. In terms of actual revenue, Windows Phone handsets, and feature phones such as the Nokia X and the Nokia Asha series actually brought $1.99 billion into the company coffers, which will no doubt please shareholders. Along with that statistic you will see that 5.8 million Lumia devices were sold world-wide, while 30.3 million non-Lumia devices were also sold during the same period.

The notion in the technology world that Windows Phone is failing will soon have to fall to the wayside, simply because the numbers posted today suggest that the mobile platform is indeed performing very well. While Microsoft might be struggling to gain ground on both Google’s Android OS, and Apple’s iPhone in the U.S, globally the Windows Phone platform is making big dents in the mobile space, especially in emerging markets with devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520, and the newly released Nokia Lumia 635, which is the first handset to be sold with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installed.

Microsoft recently announced that the highly anticipated update to Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.1 will be released around the world. The new update will be bringing many new features to the platform including Microsoft’s answer to both Siri, and Google Now called Cortana. Users of the platform can also look forward to an all new action center, greater levels of customization, and an enhanced overall user experience.