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36 felonies? Williston ND gal's felonies got her arrested for... everything!

36 felonies? Williston ND woman arrested for... everything
36 felonies? Williston ND woman arrested for... everything
Wikimedia Commons

How many felonies can fit onto one booking sheet? A woman from Williston, located approximately 18 miles from the Montana-North Dakota border, was arrested and charged with 36 separate counts for her suspected involvement in a combination of home invasions and assaults. The Williston Police Department said Brittany Foote has been terrorizing neighborhoods with her weeks-long crime sprees.

The Williston Herald, which carried a horrendous looking photo of the beat-up suspect, said that Foote “is in custody at the Williams County Correction Center, facing 36 felony charges dating back to June. Her laundry list of crimes consists of conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal conspiracy, theft of property, simple assault, burglary, terrorizing and drug charges.”

Foote and another possible accomplice made the mistake of staking out the wrong home – one that belonged to an off-duty Williston cop. The officer observed the vehicle with the occupants staring at his home and went out and asked that they move along. They did, but Foote and another individual – identified as Christopher Davis – moved only a few homes down.

The officer called in the suspicious car, and responding police, after smelling marijuana from the vehicle, had cause to search the car. Inside, they found a stash of goods and clothing that appeared to be stolen, marijuana and a social security card that did not belong to either Foote or Davis.

Foote was arrested, taken to jail, and then rushed to the hospital because she appeared to be having an asthma attack. While in the ER, she opened a window and fled. She was later picked up and charged with additional crimes.

The Herald describes one of Foote’s many home invasion encounters with residents:

According to police, while inside of a house, Foote got into a fight with the male owner of the house. The male’s wife had heard a noise in the basement and asked the husband to go check on it. When the husband went to the basement he found Foote. He tried to restrain Foote, but she kicked him in the groin and eventually bit him on the arm, drawing blood.

During the struggle… a large number of credit cards were observed, and the woman of the house found her own purse inside Foote’s. While the contents of the purse was dumped, Foote grabbed what was reported to be a spring assisted folding knife and repeatedly attempted to stab the male who was trying to restrain her. Foote then grabbed a syringe that had fallen out of her purse, and attempted to stab the male with the syringe.

Officers searching the vehicle found wadded up cash, syringes, credit cards belonging to multiple people, Hydrocodone pills, a fake driver’s license, a badge belonging to an employee at Mercy Medical Center, someone’s blank check and another person’s insurance card.

Foote now sits in a (windowless) cell at the Williams County Correction Center.

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