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36 Family friendly Valentine's Day trivia questions and answers

Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is already in the air. Family friendly trivia questions and answers are a great way to introduce Valentine’s Day to the younger kids in your family.

Family friendly Valentine's Day

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Have some fun with these Valentine’s Day trivia questions by cutting them out and placing them in a heart shaped basket. Have a bell by the basket and tell your family to ring the bell when they want to challenge another family member with their Valentine’s Day knowledge; or simply ring the bell and whoever is closest to the heart shaped basket gets to read a Valentine’s Day trivia question.

36 of the best family friendly Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers:

  1. What state produces a majority of America's roses? California
  2. What is the most popular way to say "Be Mine" - Flowers, Cards, or Candy? Candy
  3. What fruit is also known as the "love apple?" Tomato
  4. Who was the first television couple to share a bed on air (instead of twin beds)? Mike and Carol Brady
  5. What card company is the top seller of Valentine's cards in America? Hallmark
  6. What percentage of flowers bought on Valentine's Day are bought by men? 65%
  7. Between girlfriends, wives, mothers, and teachers-who receives the most cards? Teachers
  8. If a woman sees a robin on Valentine's Day, what kind of a man will she marry? Sailor, Man at sea
  9. Conversation hearts were first made by what company? Necco
  10. What state has a town called Valentine? Nebraska
  11. " Ie Ovele Ouye" is I Love You in what language? Pig Latin
  12. What is the winged child shooting love arrows at the unsuspected? Cupid
  13. What color M&M is thought to be an aphrodisiac? Green
  14. Who is Mickey Mouse's valentine? Minnie
  15. True or False; Valentine’s Day is the largest card giving holiday? False
  16. The name Valentine originated in what cultural language? Latin
  17. The giving of Valentines started during which century? 17th
  18. In what year did Valentine’s Day be declared an official holiday? 1537
  19. Which country began the tradition? England
  20. What does the word Valentine stand for or mean? Valor
  21. True or False; Did girls eat unusual food on Valentine’s Day to help them dream about who they would marry? True
  22. An ancient Celtic tradition was giving what with carved hearts on it, as a Valentines gift? Wooden spoons
  23. Love messages were first sent on cards during what century? 17th
  24. Who first introduced Valentine’s Day as a Pagan ceremony in England? The Romans, it was later dropped as a pagan belief.
  25. How much does the average American spend on Valentine’s Day? $75
  26. The greeting card association estimates that 85% of all cards are bought by what sex? Female
  27. Including children exchanging cards, how many Valentines are bought each year? 700 million, 800 million, 900 million, 1 billion, or 2 billion. 1 billion
  28. What percent of women send themselves flowers on valentine’s Day? 15%
  29. What percent of pet owners give their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day? 3%
  30. On Valentine’s Day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent on what invention of his? Telephone
  31. How many different cards does Hallmark make for Valentine’s Day? 1000, 1250, 1300,or 1330. 1330
  32. About how many roses are sold over a three day period around Valentine’s Day? 1 million, 100 million, or 200 million. 100 million
  33. Cupid was the son of what Roman God? Venus
  34. Approximately how many boxes of chocolate were sold for St. Valentine's Day in 2003? 36 million
  35. The oldest known valentine that is still in existence today was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife. Where was Charles when he penned this valentine? In the tower of London
  36. In what Shakespeare play is St. Valentine's Day mentioned? Hamlet

Have fun with your family on Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it. Start a new tradition of quizzing each other on Valentine’s Day fun facts.

Have a fun, family friendly Valentine’s Day!

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