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$350,000 government owned drone delivered to college kid

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With so many packages being delivered around the globe, some mistakes are bound to happen said UPS last week.
A man who goes by the handle Seventy_Seven on posted pictures of an unusual package he received from UPS.
The heading of the pictures, “I think I just got a drone in the mail,” was exactly right.
The pictures show some disassembled electronic components and what he posted he thought was a set of wings.
The card that came with the box read “USA Federal Property Return to: NOAA Aircraft Operations Center” and an address followed.
The man opened the package thinking it was a bench he had ordered.
“I wasn’t expecting a freaking drone,” the man wrote.
Seventy_Seven had tried to return the package via UPS, but they said that no one had claimed it. Thus, it was his to keep.
According to the New York Daily News the package was a Puma unmanned aerial system which was made for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for a cool $350,000.
It was one of eight boxes to be delivered to their office in Massachusetts.
Seventy_seven contacted the administration to return the item.
A UPS spokeswoman, Susan Rosenberg, talked to USA Today about the delivery.
She said that with 17 million packages being delivered daily, mistakes can be made.
Rosenberg said that UPS picked up the package Wednesday to bring it to the administration.
Sometimes the address stickers come off of the packages and stick to other packages said Rosenberg.
UPS will be investigating what happened.
A press release from the NOAA said that the drones are used to “spy on nature.”
“They’re wonderful tools," said Matt Pickett, who helped coordinate the project for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "They have the potential to change the way scientists do marine monitoring.”
The NOAA has already identified endangered Pygmy Rabbits in their habitat with similar drones.
Seventy_Seven posted later on that he wished he had just gotten the drone back to the government instead of making a post, because the media surrounding the event was more than he expected.
“I didn't exactly handle it in the best way possible,” Seventy_Seven said.



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