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35 ways to get involved in your community

"Do you get together with other homeschoolers?"

Homeschoolers have many opportunities for socialization. Here are 35 suggestions.
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"Are you in any sort of homeschool group?"

"What do you do for socialization?"

Chances are, you've been asked a question of this sort. In fact, you've probably heard any number of varieties of them. They seem to be among the most common concerns of curious onlookers.

The truth of the matter is, your kids are probably getting a fair amount of social interaction already. But if you're looking to increase their connections with others in your community, check out this list of 35 ideas. If you live in the Peoria area, follow the links to learn more about local organizations that provide these opportunities.

  1. Take swim lessons.
  2. Join a scouting troop.
  3. Enroll in martial arts classes.
  4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry.
  5. Participate in summer "College for Kids" programs at a nearby university or community college.
  6. Take part in an Awana Club.
  7. Get fit at Zumba Kids classes.
  8. Audition for a play at a community or children's theater.
  9. Make regular visits to a nursing home.
  10. Sign up for group music classes.
  11. Participate in youth programs at your local community center.
  12. Do gymnastics.
  13. Join a homeschool group or co-op.
  14. Sing in a church, homeschool or community choir.
  15. Volunteer to help at a children's museum or nature center.
  16. Host a holiday party for neighborhood kids or fellow homeschool families.
  17. Take a class at the children's museum or science center.
  18. Play a team sport through your Y or the park district.
  19. Join a robotics team.
  20. Participate in educational programs at a nature center.
  21. Join a bowling league.
  22. Take dance lessons.
  23. Stretch your brainpower on a Destination Imagination team.
  24. Go to summer camp with kids from a local church or scouting group.
  25. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  26. Sign up for drawing classes or other art lessons.
  27. Attend Sunday school.
  28. Hang out at a playground at a time when other families are usually there.
  29. Participate in a Classical Conversations group.
  30. Invite other homeschool families to go on a hike and picnic with you.
  31. Become a junior zookeeper.
  32. Take part in running or walking events designed for children, such as a kids' fun run.
  33. Practice your public speaking skills with a Toastmasters group.
  34. Attend public events at your local library.
  35. Join a roller hockey league.

Don't let homeschooling keep you isolated from your community. Whether your kids are 7 or 17, these 35 ideas can help you get plugged into your community, make new friends and learn worthwhile skills.

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