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35 Bold Brands Taking Content Marketing To The Next Level

It’s a free-for-all out there.

These days, competition for audience attention is intense — and in some cases, cutthroat.

Some of the world’s most respected brands have decided, instead of noisily shouting their marketing message at the top of their lungs, to pursue more subtle campaigns that drawn in consumers.

Indeed, what you’re about to read is a non-exhaustive list of brands that are killing it at content marketing. Turn away if the thought of another cliche listicle makes you wonder why the internet ever allowed bloggers to gain power. Otherwise, read on to learn a thing or two from businesses — both big and small — that have taken brand messaging and content marketing to a whole new level.

  1. General Electric: GE Works
  2. LinkedIn: Long-Form Publishing
  3. IBM: CityOne
  4. Xerox: Real Business
  5. Red Bull: Bulletin Magazine
  6. Adobe: CMO Today
  7. American Express: Open Forum
  8. General Mills: Tablespoon
  9. Dell: Do More
  10. Home Depot: DIY
  11. Budweiser: Project 12
  12. Google: Pokemon
  13. Williams Sonoma: Taste
  14. Chipotle: Farmed and Dangerous
  15. Watch Dogs: Real Life Street Hack
  16. Lowes: Fix In Six
  17. McDonald’s: Your Questions
  18. Patagonia: The Footprint Chronicles
  19. LEGO: The Movie
  20. Virgin Mobile: Native Advertising
  21. First Round Capital: Review
  22. Hootsuite: Game of Social Thrones
  23. HubSpot: Inbound Hub
  24. Moz: YouMoz
  25. Contently: The Content Strategist
  26. Buffer: All Things Social Media
  27. Help Scout: Customer Loyalty
  28. Business Advice
  29. Unbounce: Conversion Optimization
  30. Dissolve: This is a Generic Brand Video
  31. DollarShaveClub: Our Blades Are F***ing Great
  32. Tim Ferriss: Experiments in Lifestyle Design
  33. The Bulletproof Exec: Radio
  34. Warby Parker: Annual Report
  35. GoPro: Captured Moments

Which other brands might you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

This article originally appeared on the Shareaholic blog, which focuses on blogging, content marketing and native advertising. It is republished with permission.

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