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343 releases concept art for next 'Halo' title

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Today was a special day for 343 Industries. There's been a lot of change already this year and Josh Holmes, Executive Producer, has posted a peek behind the curtain as to the inner workings of the studio. Art Director, Kenneth Scott, recently announced his departure, stepping down to the role of Visual Design Consultant, only working remotely while Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier steps into his vacated position.

And with news also breaking today that Joe Staten is now working with Microsoft Studios after leaving Bungie and Destiny, there are surely good things in store for the Halo franchise.

To celebrate, Holmes concludes the update with a piece of concept art created by Bouvier for the upcoming Halo title that is promised to release this year.

"In closing, I will leave you with this image from Sparth – an early exploration of a new location that features prominently in a little game project we’re tinkering with," Holmes ends.

What do you think of all these developments? Do you feel any better about the direction that Halo is heading in? Let us know in the comments.