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343 drops additional details on Halo 4's instant respawns and Forerunner Vision

343 Industries provides clarity to some of the more controversial Halo 4 multiplayer details.
343 Industries provides clarity to some of the more controversial Halo 4 multiplayer details.
343 Industries

Three of the controversial items from the Halo 4 reveal in the May issue of Game Informer was news of an instant respawn, a new armor ability called "Forerunner Vision" and random weapons spawns. While details on the three are still scarce, 343 Industries provided a little more clarification over the weekend that should help alleviate some of the concerns.

Instant Respawns

The Game Informer article mentioned respawning instantly while playing the new Free-For-All multiplayer mode called Regicide. While that is the case in Free-For-All, it is not in objective based modes according to a post by 343 Industries David Ellis on NeoGAF.

Forerunner Vision

Forerunner Vision was initially billed as an armor ability that lets you see through walls according to the Game Informer article. While not actually saying how it works, 343's Frank O'Connor did rule out a couple of ways the ability could work.

In response to a forum member saying that Forerunner Vision works like the UAV in Call of Duty to let you see where other players are without seeing them, O'Connor said, "Not really. As will become clear. I imagine a competitive player with good situational awareness would try it once and eschew it for something else."

In another post, O'Connor further clarified with, "You cannot use Forerunner Vision to see players anywhere on the map. Absolutely not."

Ellis also chimed in on the mystery ability by saying, "Trust me, you'll understand when you see it. Which might not be soon since we're still locking down the visuals on it."

Random Weapon Spawns

Moving from set weapon spawn points to random drops across the multiplayer map was also raised as a concern by vocal members of the Halo community. "The weapon drops are not 'random'," O'Connor explained. "They are telegraphed and in some ways, predictable. There is variation, however. Map control will still be key, but yes, changed. Custom games will be heavily customizeable, and initial playlists will be clean and focused. Players will not be presented with stacksof lists, but there will be variety for different tastes."

Because of an arrangement with Game Informer and some of the components of the game still in development, 343 Industries can't provide all the clarification yet. However, O'Connor previously promised that more information will come soon through podcasts and other outlets.

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Via: NeoGAF


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