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33 dead in Kunming Station knife attack in China

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A knife attack by a gang of at least 10 people, took the lives of at least 29 civilians and four suspects, and wounded over a hundred this weekend at Kunming station in Yunnan province.

The attack is said to have begun on February 28, with no indicated provocation. Local authorities have deemed the incident a premeditated terrorist attack. Four of the attackers were shot and killed at the station by local police. One has been brought to the hospital for treatment.

Chinese authorities have placed the blame on militants from the remote far western region of Xinjiang which has seen tension between government and Muslim separatists and borders Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, though the Kunming station is more than 600 miles outside of Xinjiang.

The state news agency Xinhua quoted local government sources indicating that the evidence found at the crime scene:

...showed that the Kunming Railway Station terrorist attack was carried out by Xinjiang separatist forces."

Although the political implications of the attack remain as conjecture at this time, President Xi Jinping of China urged local law enforcement in Yunnan " investigate and solve the case, and punish the terrorists in accordance with the law."