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311 rocks the Roxy at special 311 Day warm-up gigs

311 on stage at the Roxy
311 on stage at the Roxy
Stephen Lashbrook

Veteran rockers 311 played two sold-out nights at the Roxy Theatre on Wednesady, March 5 and Thursday, March 6 as a warm-up to their special 311 Day concert coming up on 3/11 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Back in February 2013, the band played two Roxy gigs as preparation for their cruise, so special, jam-packed Roxy gigs in early spring have become something of a tradition for 311 and their fans.

As expected, the show on 3/5 was stellar. Essentially, the Roxy gigs were a chance for the band members to dust off any proverbial cobwebs that have gathered in the months since they last performed, but 311 is a band that sounds pristine even on "off days".

Not that this was an "off-day", though - far from it. Through the course of their 90-minute set, 311 treated fans to some old gems, favorites and two selections from their new album, Stereolithic - which is being released in conjunction with 311 Day.

Musically, all players were customarily on-point: vocalist/rhythm guitarist Nick Hexum (Read a new interview with Hexum here), bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills, vocalist S.A. Martinez, guitarist Tim Mahoney and drummer Chad Sexton played the show about as well as the could. Highlights from the set list included the live premieres of Stereolithic tracks "Ebb & Flow" and "Five of Everything", as well as seldom-played fan favorites such as "T&P Combo", "Can't Fade Me", "Bomb the Town", "Brodels", "Transistor", "DLMD", and others.

As for the new songs, they made a fine addition to the set list and acted as a great preview of Stereolithic, which is already receiving fantastic reviews from within the 311 fan community.

The second night of the Roxy gigs featured another very strong set list - click here to read all about it.

311 and their fans will now head to New Orleans for what's sure to be another epic 311 Day concert on Tuesday. For those unable to attend, you can at least have the consolation prize of a new album - which will be in stores that day.

For more on the band and Stereolithic, visit 311's website.

311 Set List at the Roxy 3/5:

  1. "T&P Combo"
  2. "Can't Fade Me"
  3. "My Stoney Baby"
  4. "Come Original"
  5. "Plain"
  6. "Bomb the Town"
  7. "Brodels"
  8. "Lucky"
  9. "Visit"
  10. "Other Side of Things"
  11. "Transistor"
  12. "Ebb & Flow" (Live debut)
  13. "Offbeat Bareass"
  14. "From Chaos"
  15. "Something Out of Nothing"
  16. "You Wouldn't Believe"
  17. "Get Down"
  18. "Down"
  19. "DLMD"
  20. "Still Dreaming"
  21. "Feels So Good"
  22. Encore
  23. "Five of Everything"
  24. "Creatures (For a While)"
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