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31 dog emergency in West Union, SC needs your help and donations today.

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At the end of a long, dark gravel driveway off a country road in West Union, SC sits a couple of mobile homes, surrounded by dog kennels. There is no way someone could sneak up on this property, as long before you emerge from the dark tunnel of vegetation surrounding the driveway, the dogs alert the owners that you are arriving. A total of 31 dogs live in these 10x10 chain link enclosures. Unlike most situations like this, however, these dogs appear healthy and social. They are all up to date on their shots and most are spayed or neutered.

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Their living situation, however, is not so good. The floors of the kennels are a mucky mix of dirt, water, urine and feces, and the dogs are forced to walk and lay in this 24/7. Puddles of muddy water are everywhere. The smell is foul and the dogs are covered in filth. This is a desperate situation.

The owners try hard to keep up with cleaning, but with 31 dogs it would be difficult for even young, energetic people to keep up with that on a daily basis, and the owners are not young.

Freedom Fences will be going out to this location on Saturday, March 22nd to help remedy this emergency situation. They will be cleaning, relocating if needed, rebuilding and making these kennels a better living space for these dogs. Once this is done, then the volunteers of Freedom Fences, along with other rescues will begin helping this family find homes for many of these dogs. Animal Control is monitoring the situation and is aware and supportive of Freedom Fence's efforts.

They need your help to do this though. In order to help these dogs they need donations of kennel panels, dog houses, dog food, feeding dishes, metal horse watering buckets, wooden and plastic pallets, bales of wood shavings or hay or straw, tarps 10' x 10' and larger, and most of all, they need volunteers to help.

The volunteers at Freedom Fences stress that no donation is too small, and all are desperately needed.

If you can help in any way, please contact Chevi Clark at or call 864-985-9694. Donation pickup is available, or can be delivered to 452 Inez Court, West Union (Just off Hwy 28 on West Union Road behind the old Machine Shop. GPS may show it as 452 Inez Court, Walhalla). Volunteers can report there tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to the same address.

Please don't let these dogs lie in their own filth any longer.