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31 Days of Halloween; Costume Ideas for Adults


What are you dressing as this Halloween? Are you buying or making it? Sexy or Scary? Want to make it a duo, trio or keep it flying solo? Whatever you decide, you better act quickly or you might find your perfect costume "out of stock" sending you straight to the over picked rejects.

Every year we are offered limitless options for costumes with tons of categories and resources to choose from, however too many options can become overwhelming. Most costumes usually come with the whole shabang like those "Bed in a bag" purchases, everything is there down to the accesories. If you don't purchase a complete costume kit, you can find plenty of additions available to complete your costume along with suggestions that will make yours unique. The scariest thing about buying mass produced costumes is the horror of showing up in a costume that a few others are already rockin at the same party, this could be bad for your significant other after a few drinks. There is of course, make it yourself costume ideas that can really showcase your creative side with a unique one of a kind costume. Be careful you don't create a flammable costume, there have been reports of severe burns due to materials not being flame resistant.

Should you buy, make or re-invent a costume you have stored in the attic? There are so many choices out there but it all comes down to you! Remember when you were a kid and you fantasized about what you wanted to be when you grew up or maybe you made it a habit to tie your Mom’s linens around your neck and dash through the house like a super hero? Sky is the limit when it comes to Halloween costumes, you just have to decide on some sort of direction. Search your soul and go with something you dreamt of being since a child and play the part the entire time in costume, this could spark new inspiration. Dare to escape into your deepest desires and be naughty this Halloween, it might be a fun way to wrap up the evening. Face your fears and frighten everyone else by dressing horrifically. If you love a good laugh or your the sourpuss in the bunch, dress up wearing your sense of humor or lack of by sending everyone into hysterics with a funny or bizarre costume. Sometimes you can mimic a store bought costume with your own touches and stand out among all the others. Make sure to check if the party is a theme party, that can help tremendously. Easiest way to a successful costume is to start browsing these categories and once you come across something you just have to be this Halloween, decide if your ready to purchase or think you might be the hit of the party if you create your own version.

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