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303 Donuts plus breakfast burritos and more

M. Clark

Relax.  It's just a name.  There aren't 303 varieties, and it isn't any kind of world record for consuming donuts.  The name comes from the highway on which they are located:  Highway 303, also called Pioneer Parkway.   

The store is very well laid out inside, and brightly lit.  It is also neatly decorated, both out and indoors.  The menu is clearly written, and displayed on the wall behind the counter.  A cold beverage case, with an abundance of refreshing choices, sits against the wall to your right.  Freshly brewed coffee is on the counter, near the beverage case.  There is also indoor seating, if you're in no hurry.  Among other artefacts adorning the walls are several pieces of memorabilia from The Simpsons tv show, showing Homer Simpson with a donut.  

This is one of the tidiest donut places that you'll find in the city.  Windows are spotless and the floors are bright.  The attention given to cleanliness extends beyond what a customer would see.  303 Donuts received an A+ on a July 2010 inspection from city inspectors.

Every item one would expect to find at a donut shop is here, plus a couple more.  From eclairs to breakfast burritos, this restaurant has its bases covered.  Among the limited complaints one could have about their pastries, is that the filled donuts are a bit too full... and not many folks would gripe about that.  The sausage rolls are fresh, savory, and chewy, while the donut holes are sweet and flaky.

303 Donuts is located at 675 West Pioneer Pkwy, Suite 115, across the street from Long John Silver's.  You can contact them by phone at (972) 264-6724.

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  • Profile picture of Rene Girard
    Rene Girard 4 years ago

    you can't do better than A+ :-) an eclair sounds like a nice indulgence for dessert

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