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300 sick on Caribbean cruise ship: CDC to board and investigate

300 people have fallen ill on the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship.
300 people have fallen ill on the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship.
Caribbean Cruise/ Explorer of the Seas

More than 300 people have fallen ill on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Being on the high seas with a stomach ailment makes you wish you had those ruby slippers to click because “there’s no place like home” when you’re sick. According to CNN News on Jan. 26, the passengers are experiencing vomiting and diarrhea.

Out of the 3,050 passengers, 281 are reported sick and 22 of the 1,165 crew members are sick. The Explorer of the Seas staff have passed out some type of over-the-counter medication and people have responded well to this.

The ship’s next stop was Haiti, but they bypassed that stop for an overhaul of sanitizing at a port in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Centers for Disease Control has posted the news of the 300 people who have fallen ill on their website.

After the extensive sanitizing, the ship will continue on, but the ships staff will use “special cleaning products that are designed to kill norovirus” for the rest of the voyage. The CDC is coordinating closely with the ship. Staff from the CDC will board the ship in St. Thomas to do an investigation and health assessment. They will also evaluate the response of the sanitizing of the ship.

The ship left port in New Jersey on Jan. 21. It is due to stop in St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Can you imagine being on this ship? If you are not ill, you probably know of a fellow passenger on board who is. The fear of falling ill and joining the more than 300 passengers has to lay heavy on the people who are in good health still on the ship.