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'300' rises but Oscar winner back in top ten

"300" did sire up and win the weekend.
"300" did sire up and win the weekend.
Box Office Mojo

Solid weekends greeted the two newcomers to the box office but it was "300: Rise of an Empire" that waged more war to the tune of $45 Million.

"Mr. Peabody & Sherman" are sitting comfortably in second with $32 million.

Going in that was expected to be the order for the film but it does look like "Mr. Peabody" did a little better than planned. "300' and it blood and guts grabbed an early $3.3 million and then a very good $17 million on Friday and the weekend was off for the latest chapter of the saga.

While both the movies dive into the historical angle, "300" was R-rated while "Mr. Peabody" was PG-13. In the end it was the R-rated saga that won out and it male audience. It was the male audience at 62 percent which pushed this one up and over the top. The 3D showings accounted for 63 percent of the take.

Oscar winner "12 Years a Slave" lands back in the top ten as it was released into more theaters. The best picture winner landed in 1,065 theaters after its win and has now reach nearly $54 million, domestically. The theater count was under 1,000 going in to the weekend when it added 654 more. It is in ninth place.

1. "300: Rise of An Empire" - $45 million
2. "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" - $32 million
3. "Non-Stop" - $15.3 million
4. "The LEGO Movie" - $11 million
5. "Son of God" - $9.7 million.

The real story of the box office may be for some other films, perhaps. "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is doing great business in New York and L.A. in limited release. More later as those numbers are broken down.

Last week's winner, "Non-Stop" fell to third while "Son of God" fell off, too. "Son of God" and its first weekend was the key as it was not going to figure in the top three in its second week out. But, it has been seen and it a repeat, of sorts. Sure, some additional scenes were added for the big screen version, but this is from the History Channel show.

If one wants to look at the downfall for "Son of God," point to the idea that it should have won last weekend, but couldn't pull that off. While it was never going to be another "Passion of the Christ," it could have done better in its first weekend out, although it was very impressive.

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