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“300: Rise of an Empire” grabs top spot over strong box office weekend

"300: Rise of an Empire" takes top spot from the box office
"300: Rise of an Empire" takes top spot from the box office

There were two big movies that were opening this weekend. 300: Rise of an Empire had a strong weekend bringing an estimated $45 million, proving that sequels can still have big pulls. Despite only bringing in around half of what 300 brought in. This movie had high expectations but may fall short as there is a big list of movies coming out in the next few weeks.

Another big budget movie, Mr. Peabody & Sherman had a strong opening bringing an estimated $32.5 million. The $145 million budget makes it a long hill to reach profit, but the fact it’s the only family-friendly movie for a while, it might make it.

The other three movies in the top 5 were able to reach double digits. Non-stop took in an estimated $15 million, moving it over the $50 million budget. The Lego Movie is still in double digit form bringing in an estimated $11 million with Son of God bringing in an estimated $10 million.

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