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30 things dog owners know for sure

Despite the breed or size, owners share similarities
Despite the breed or size, owners share similarities
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August 26th is National Dog Day annually. The “holiday” was founded and created by Colleen Paige. She is a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Behaviorist, Author, Home Maven, Designer, Photographer, Publisher Mom & Wife. Colleen has created over 20 national/international pet holidays, all with the philanthropic goal of saving lives and making the planet a better place for animals. Colleen’s creation delivers joy, happiness and hope to humans, as well as the many dogs in need.

As a way to honor this special day of the dog(s), an article written by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald and posted on is sure to create smiles on faces and nods of the head by those lucky enough to have at least one, if not more, 4-legged children. Dr. Fitzgerald indeed was able to list the signs of those dedicated to loving their dog and knowing it is a true family member. As Dr. Fitzgerald shared, she is constantly reminded how dogs bring alive the Third Metric value of well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.30 Things Only Dog Owners Understand:

1. When we ask for a doggy bag at a restaurant, we mean it literally.

2. Dog hair on the floor is standard.

3. Fourth of July tradition involves steering clear of the fireworks.

4. Dogs are the most dependable alarm clock.

5. It’s hard to resist the head tilt.

6. They show excitement when they exit the door as well as when they are entering.

7. They seem to vanish when they hear the sounds of bath time.

8. Even though we try to act like everything is normal when we're packing to go on a trip, they still seem to know.

9. And when we come back being away from them on a trip, the excitement they show is unmatchable.

10. If they have a regular mealtime and we are late, they notice.

11. There's nothing quite like the pride we feel when our dog learns something new or overcomes a fear.

12. When friends or coworkers ask to see pictures of our human family, we have to scroll through hundreds of dog pictures first.

13. We have lots of beds around the house.

14. No matter what we do on the car ride to the vet, they know they are not going to the park.

15. They're so helpful when we make a mess in the kitchen.

16. They have such joy from rolling in smelly things -- often after a bath.

17. Financial priorities are different for people who have dogs.

18. We don't give a thought to spending money on their care vs. spending money on luxuries for ourselves.

19. We don't mind their slobbering on our face, even if their mouth has just been... somewhere less savory... moments before.

20. We don't mind picking up their poop. Several times a day, every day.

21. We sing... and compose.

22. It's hard to wake up grumpy in the morning when there's a dog in our face.

23. We start to say "sit" and "lie down" to humans.

24. There's your life before having dogs, and there's your life after having dogs -- and they're completely different.

25. There's your life before having dogs, and there's your life after having dogs -- and they're completely different.

26. We have multiple lint rollers in various locations.

27. When we purchase a car, we keep in mind how a dog crate will be able to fit in it.

28. We probably laugh and smile more times throughout the day than most people.

29. Whenever we give someone a lift, we give them a head's up that we have a "dog car."

30. Yes, is it super sad when you have to make a difficult decision to help them transition from their journey on earth to the rainbow bridge, but you have peace of mind that you were there for them all of the way.

Click here to read Dr. Fitzgerald’s article in its entirety. And in full support of her message at the end of her article, please be reminded…. if you are inspired to add an animal companion to your life, please make your decision carefully. Being a pet guardian is a long-term commitment. Please visit your local shelter or rescue group for assistance in choosing the right pet for your lifestyle. If you are interested in having an animal companion, but aren't sure you are ready for the commitment, please consider fostering or volunteering at your local animal shelter.If you would like to continue receiving First Dog-related articles, including the latest news, tips, advice, please click the Subscribe Icon. It’s free and anonymous. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this article with others. Story, article and event ideas can be shared at

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