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30 Seconds to Mars at House of Blues

Mutemath (Photo: Karin Dailey /
Mutemath (Photo: Karin Dailey /

30 Seconds to Mars frontman, Jared Leto was amped and ready to go as he took the stage on Tuesday night. Standing in front of the crowd with a tall, pink mohawk and sky blue painted fingernails, he immediately challenged them, inviting ticket holders on the floor to break the rules and ‘have the best night of their lives’. Leto also took the time throughout the night to mock the ‘mother f----ers” still lounging at the bar. This wasn’t your typical sit-back-and-relax show, you were forced to get involved. He demanded attention and got it. The explosive set was full of energy and chaos, which kept both the crowd and Boston House of Blues security on their toes. Playing songs from all three of their albums, 30 Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie and This Is War, Leto even took requests during an acoustic bit – standing on the soundboard. The show was

30 Seconds to Mars
Karin Dailey

Valerie, from New York, was front and center at last week's show.  "I just love the lyrics. Jared writes very powerful lyrics. From the moment I heard their music from the self-titled album, I was hooked. The rhythms, the guitar, how the instruments work together – and the lyrics are so powerful…it all comes together."  This wasn't her first 30 Seconds to Mars show as she shared, "This is more like my 70th Mars concert. I’ve been all over the country and Canada to see them. My obsession started in 2006. My friend gave me their CD, I loved it and I pretty much went on tour with them, followed them around the country."  She continued, "They’re great with their fans. They include them with everything – in the videos, in the CD. They’ll bring people up on stage to sing with them. They are very good with their fans. I respect them completely."

The photographers in the house that night were given instruction.  We were allowed to photograph the entire show, just not from the pit.  Someone forgot to let Jared in on the rules.  During the last part of the show, he walked directly over to me, mid-song and screamed, "You're done! Put it away!"  It's cool, Leto.  I thought your show was great, minus the crazy threats on my life.

Check out the band's website for more info on this tour and be sure to grab some music.  Photos and a slideshow from their gig in Boston are posted below.  Opening support:  Mutemath (awesome sauce!)

Jared Leto - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Shannon Leto - drums, percussion
Tomo Mili?evi? - lead guitar, violin, keyboards


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