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30 day smoothie and juice cleanse

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Destinee Coleman

“Our bodies are gardens, to which our wills are gardeners,” as said in Shakespeare’s Othello. Listen to any type of holistic health practitioner and they will reiterate the metaphor. Think of garden. Think of the beauty of its flowers and trees. Think of the gardener having free will to allow whatever he or she wants to grow in the garden. Think of the constant tending a garden requires. Our bodies are gardens.

According to Psycho-Cybernetics, a self-help book created in the 1960’s by Maxwell Maltz, it takes the average person 21 days to make or break a bad habit. Typically, dieters respond better to even numbers as well as set dates. How many times have you started a diet on a Sunday or better yet a Monday versus a Thursday? How times have you fully completed a three day or a nine day diet versus a ten day diet? This is why, this juice cleanse is 30 days instead of 21 days. It leaves room for mistakes, re-sets and is psychologically more attractive.

In order to have a successful 30 day smoothie and juice cleanse you need to know the difference between the two beverages as well as three tips that will aid you during this cleanse. A smoothie is a blended combination of various foods. A juice has the same concept expect the fiber is removed because you are only consuming the juice. A real word example would be if you were to blend a couple of oranges together you’d get a frothy orange mixture. If you were to juice an orange you’d have a pulp free mixture. The debates between smoothies and juices have been going on for years but it’s best to listen to your body and create your own conclusions. While both beverages will detoxify you, a smoothie is a gentler cleanse compared to a juice. To avoid going into extremes this diet will combine both beverages.

The three tips that will help you to successfully complete a 30 day smoothie and juice cleanse are; be prepared, stay motivated and be realistic. The following paragraphs will better explain these suggestions.

Preparation is the key to any type of successful new journey. Whether you’re starting a new job or a new diet, preparation is most important thing to have. You have to be mentally as well as physically prepared. Mentally you have to be ready to go without chewing, without cooking and with the ridicule of well-meaning but annoying people. Physically, you will have cravings and you will go through a detoxing phase. This is normal and expected. You have to plan out your meals and don’t be afraid to try different food and combinations. The internet has numerous amounts of YouTube videos and articles that can provide delicious and healthy smoothies or juices. Before trying this diet you should slowly cut out any meat, eggs or fish from your diet. The day before the new diet, try drinking more water than your usually do and eat leafy greens and soups to prepare your body.

You may be mentally prepared but you need to stay motivated. New challenges are fun for the first few hours or maybe even days but after a while they do get boring. Motivation is different for everyone. Some people respond better with positive re-enforcement, others respond with scolding. Think about when you were a child or when you were in school or playing sports. Did you perform better when someone said “Good job,” or when someone said, “You need to do better,”? Keep that in mind when you are allowing yourself to have self-talk. Results become an addiction. As long as they are realistic goals and are psychologically sound, trade your vice of a food addiction for an addiction of success. Surround yourself with like-minded people that will help you reach your goals and lift you higher.

The last tip is to stress the need to have realistic goals. Before you start write out your goals. If you have any type of pre-existing condition consult with your doctor and/or a nutritionist or dietitian. Chances are you will break your cleanse and you may end up eating food. It may be a piece of bread or an entire pizza. Try again. If you are at a healthy weight, eating clean and maintain regular exercise this detox will not be as drastic as it would be for someone doing the exact opposite. You shouldn’t do this as a quick way to lose weight; you should do this as a journey towards overall health. Once you reach your goal, don’t go back to your old eating habits. Start a new and more practical diet that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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