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30 CDC employees catch mystery virus at Atlanta office

MERS Corona Map tracks real time cases of the virus
MERS Corona Map tracks real time cases of the virus

30 employees of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) office, based in Atlanta, were sent home sick last Friday, all suffering from an unidentified virus, and urged to work from home until at least Thursday, it was quietly announced by the agency on Tuesday, May 27.

Tom Skinner, a CDC spokesman, said the office building where the infected employees work is a "leased" building on the CDC Century Center campus in De Kalb County, Georgia.

The agency is currently battling the emergence of the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus, just detected in the United States for the first time, and is, presumably, testing for the disease. Is it possible these CDC employees are themselves affected?

With just the one newspaper account reporting the outbreak locally, it seems suspicious that there's no forthcoming information about what is afflicting the dozens of employees, or whether it's related to the recent, and worrisome, outbreak of the MERS coronavirus in Florida and Chicago.

More troubling is the fact the announcement comes days later, after a holiday weekend.

Is there something the CDC knows that we don't?

Stay tuned...

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