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3 Years of Legendary Beers at Jackalope

Celebrate 3 Years of Legendary Beers at Jackalope.

3 Year Anniversary
Don Else

Ahh, it seems like it was only yesterday. Several of the gang were hanging out at the Yazoo Brewing Company taproom, enjoying a few of their great, fresh, local craft brews. The plan was to slide down the hill for the grand opening of the newest craft brewery taproom in town, Jackalope Brewing Company. Being with the Music City Beer Society, we of course had the opportunity for some early tours, met the owners, watched the development of the place, and even sampled some of their beers off a small pilot system they were using. But this was the opening of the taproom, a must attend event.

Actually, the first East Nashville Beer Festival might have been the first time their beer was introduced to the locals. They handed out hundreds of antler “hats,” and had as much beer available at their booth as was physically possible, especially considering they were still brewing on the tiny pilot system. Our volunteer pourer at that station had a particlularly easy day. An hour or so into the event, they tapped a small keg, which was very quickly consumed. An hour or so later, they tapped another keg, different style, which was consumed equally quickly. So the word was out and demand was there.

And it was a great event, the grand opening. After a few regulatory delays, what a surprise, the taproom was open. Great crowd, and nice beer. Of course, the first batches off a new system are going to require some tweaking, so the beer profile was developing, but it was certainly an auspicious start.

They started with three standard beers, all named after mythical creatures. The Bearwalker is a brown ale that is infused with pure maple syrup during the conditioning phase. The Rompo Red is an Irish style red ale with flaked rye added to the mash. Finally, my original go to, the Thunder Ann. This is an American pale ale that just seems to be getting better and better.

They actually quickly became known for their seasonals, which have always been quite excellent. My favorite is the Leghorn IPA, but the Caspar the Friendly Gose made the biggest buzz. Actually, that was to be released at their first anniversary party. Steve, one of the owners and head brewer, gave me a taste of it prior to the party. He thought they may go through a barrel of it that day. After tasting it, all I could say was that he didn't even make enough. It about sold out that first day at the party it was such a hit.

Oh yeah, the Three Year party. So the Three Years of Legendary Beers Anniversary Party is Saturday, April 19, from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. It will feature two live bands. The Carmonas go on at 5:00, and Buffalo Clover goes on at 6:30 p.m. If they do it as usual, the band will set up in the back of the brewery in the loading area. Very cool brewery backdrop for a live show. The really exciting part, for the craft beer drinkers, is they will have ten different beers available that day, including a few one off beers. Definitely looking forward to that. There will also be games and other such fun stuff happening outside.

So get out and celebrate three years of legendary beers at Jackalope Brewing Company this weekend. It will be well worth it.

Time for a pint. Cheers!

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