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3-year pizza about to deploy

3-year pizza about to deploy
Steve Holden, released photo

Scheduled to outlast a Twinkie, the military is set to roll out a ready-to-eat pizza with a three-year shelf-life.

Meals-ready-to-eat, MREs, are not always the staple of military life, but certainly a sustaining necessity for downrange warfighters. They are portable, lightweight, and almost palatable for the Soldier who gets the first pick out of the box.

A Massachusetts military lab is close to releasing a classic pizza MRE that can deploy with warriors who are not able to set up a kitchen or eat at a base facility.

Michelle Richardson, a food scientist at the Scientists at the Natick food science labs states:

"You can basically take the pizza, leave it on the counter, packaged, for three years and it'd still be edible."

Pizza is one of the most Soldier-requested items when asked what they would like added to the MRE kit. Up until now, moisture has been the single biggest deal breaker for development of a deployable pizza.

The new menu item has yet to be taste-tested by warriors who currently indicate that spaghetti and vegetarian tortellini are the two choice favorites.

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