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3 Worst Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

3 Worst Techniques To Last Longer In Bed
3 Worst Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

Almost all men worry about their sexual performance, and endurance is often at the top of the list. A man's ability to prolong his orgasm until his partner is satisfied is one of the most common sexual worries that a guy can have. While there are several techniques that can improve endure and prolong an orgasm, there are also some methods that simply don't work. Instead of making the sexual experience more pleasurable, these techniques can ruin it for both partners involved. Here are the three worst techniques men can try to make themselves last longer in bed.

The Three Worst Techniques to Last Longer in Bed

These are the three most common mistakes that men can make when they are trying to prolong their climax. While a couple may be consider common sense, one technique may be surprising to some men.

1. Becoming Intoxicated
It is not just men who have used alcohol to improve their confidence and lower their inhibitions, but women as well. Having one or two alcoholic beverages can cause an increase in confidence, and even make it possible to approach a woman that a man usually would not be able to. While in most cases a couple of drinks will not adversely affect performance and may even help to increase a man's confidence in the bedroom, it should be noted that drinking to much alcohol can have the opposite effect. Movements can become sloppy and the decrease in blood flow to the penis will often result in performance issues. A man may be able to last longer in bed, but this is only due to an inability to sustain an erection. Instead of using alcohol to improve self confidence, working on improving self esteem and image can often give men the same confidence they were looking for, along with the ability to perform better in the bedroom.

2. Imagining Something Boring During Sex
This is one of the worst pieces of advice men can be given. Not only does it not help them to last longer in the bedroom, it can also lead to other sexual dysfunctions like an erectile dysfunction. Even though it may seem like a good idea for men to distract themselves with thoughts about work or even a recent unpleasant experience, not only are they pulling themselves back from experiencing an orgasm they are also beginning to associate sex with unpleasant experiences.

Along with negative associations, men can also loss the ability to accurately judge their bodies reactions to sexual stimulants. It is difficult to work on controlling an orgasm when you are out of touch with your body's natural responses. Instead concentrate more on slowing down your sexual responses, many therapists compare this to learning how to hold the urge to urinate. If one response can be learned to be detained, than the sexual response should be able to be controlled as well.

3. Kegel Exercises
Most men will probably associate these exercises with women, and they were designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles around the vagina. Recently though men have begun using these exercises for the same reason as women, to strengthen muscles and improve their orgasms. Kegels exercises can have the opposite effect on men who are suffering from an erectile dysfunction. By targeting the same muscle that controls ejaculation with the exercises, the involuntary spasms during sexual stimulation could be made worse. This is not to say that Kegels are not beneficial to some men, and when they are do properly they can improve his control over his ejaculations. It is also best to speak to a health care provider before using any exercise designed to work the muscle in and around the male reproductive system.


This three common mistakes are also listed as some of the worst techniques men can use to last longer in bed. While not even an occasional glass of alcohol should be considered a mistake, the key for men is to remember everything in moderation. There are no quick techniques for men to use to make them last longer in bed, instead the best technique is to listen to their bodies. Learn what the signs are before an orgasm occurs, and work on controlling your ejaculation. With time and practice, almost any man can last longer in the bedroom.

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