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3 words someone with mental illness should know

It’s unpredictable and it‘s very hard to live with. Do you cover up for a friends or family member’s mental illness by taking the blame? Do you feel that if the person with mental illness cared about you they would seek help? Are plans frequently upset or canceled because of the person with mental problems? Are you afraid to upset them for fear it will set off another bout? Do you feel angry, confused and upset most of the time? Do you worry no one will understand your problems?

The three hardest words someone with mental illness should say “I need help.” Cultural barriers, ignorance and fear of rejection are the most common reasons people don’t seek help. Years of fighting and stressing a nameless, faceless enemy can do the person suffering and those around them a world of good. Seeking help is not about being judged. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Life can be an everyday battle without the stress of mental illness Added pressure can lead to longer bouts of hypomania, hurting others and even suicide. Mental illness is unpredictable. Information and medicine is empowering. Lack of essential services and support can cause a behavioral health crisis in the family disrupting relationships and living arrangements. Responding when safety becomes an issues it too little too late.

It’s not unusual to feel unsure There are stories of hope and recovery from mental health problems. We need to recognize the signs and reach out to those who need help. It affects one out of every four Amercians. Disrupted family life is a common sign something is afoot and the child in the family is often blamed and taken into therapy when there is a bigger underlying issue. The child in the family who is acting out is merely a symptom to what is really going on in the household.

‘Click’ on the treatment locator and find help in your community. Just type in your zipcode.

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