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3 Ways You Can Go Wrong with Online Custom Products

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Internet has unlocked opportunities far beyond our imaginations. It’s fascinating to see how much that you can do with a few clicks. Communicate shop or play, online universe has everything you will ever need.

Of lately, a lot of custom promotional and gift websites are springing up. This recent increase gives you a larger selection to choose from when you’re ordering gifts online. This new technology is incredible it allows you to use your photos and messages on virtually every kind of product

Before you decide to order something here are a few things that could go wrong with your order. Please review and be mindful when selecting photos and messaging for all your gift ideas.

1. Odd Picture Prints

Are you planning to give your loved one something customized? Does that idea involve a picture on something? Heads up, not every picture is meant to be portrayed. The dimensions of your picture need to be considered when selecting a product. We have all come across those common custom gift shops that print photos on t-shirts and mugs. Make sure that your gift does not look like a common gift.

Take home lesson: Bad pictures make bad gifts.

Our Tip: Choose high resolution pictures and consider landscape or portrait mode depending on layout of Custom Products. Make your gift stand out by selecting a dynamic image that is eye catching

2. Awkward Ideas

While an idea may seem outstanding on paper, it can go horribly wrong when you receive the custom product. If you decide to gift a bathroom scale to your boss with customized quote, something to inspire weight loss…you might ended up losing your job.

Take home lesson: You can never predict how people will react, especially in professional relationships.

Our tip: Keep it simple, unless it’s about a shared experience with family or friends.

3. Ill-fitting Apparel

If you have ever shopped for apparel online, you already know how difficult it is find the right size. Almost every other website has different size specifications and products. So when you order custom gifts for someone, try and know their size.

Take home lesson: It’s difficult to find right size in apparels.

Our tip: Choose a high quality website with detailed seize info. Try and get a shirt of the person you’re creating the gift for.

How to choose the ideal gift?

If you don’t have any idea about the gift, start with the most common options. You cannot really go wrong with cups, mugs, cards, bags and key chains. Choose some trendy colors and high quality photos. You can get a lot of information with the kind of photos that the website already has. Upload your graphics online and see how it looks virtually before placing the final order.