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3 ways to make your relationships stronger this Valentine's Day

Don't skip Valentine's Day just because your single. You just might meet next year's Valentine today....

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples anymore, and it isn't just for women either--it's for everyone.

Whether we are single or attached, Valentine's Day is a chance for us to re-evaluate our current relationships--with friends, lovers, partners or significant others--so that we don't take them for granted like so many of us do without even realizing it.

Valentine's Day is a chance for us all to make our relationships stronger and show the important people in our lives just how much they mean to us, especially if we don't show our appreciation often enough.

Did you know that relationships are actually a vital component to your health and well-being? According to various medical studies, people who have healthy relationships and a strong social network tend to live longer, respond better to stress, and have stronger immune systems.

In light of how important relationships are to our health for singles and couples alike, I'd like to share with you a few ways to make your relationships stronger this Valentine's Day.

1. Listen and pay more attention to others.

One way to strengthen the bonds of your everyday relationships is to listen more. I hate to break it to you, but today isn't about you; it's about other people--the people in your life you want to keep around for the long haul as a long-term romantic relationship or a life-long friendship. Make it a point to learn one new thing about your friends that you didn't know before.

2. Reach out to people from your past.

Make it a point to reach out to people from your past who you may have lost touch with. It's true that proximity plays a huge role in relationships, but don't let the distance keep you from maintaining that relationship. Let your favorite people from your past know that you still think of them from time to time by giving them a call today, or sending them a quick email or message and sharing with them one of your favorite memories with them.

3. Acknowledge your favorite couple(s).

I realize that there are many singles out there preparing to have a pity party on the infamous "Singles Awareness Day", which ironically has the word "SAD" for an acronym. Here's a recommendation for you anti-Valentine's Day folks (who are no doubt single): Instead of focusing on your lack of a relationship, bring your attention instead to one of your favorite couples and acknowledge your favorite thing about their relationship. By focusing on positive healthy relationships that work, you are creating an energy within yourself that promotes healthier relationships all around you.

If you ask me, no one should be alone on Valentine's Day regardless if Cupid has decided to strike that dormant heart of yours or not. Don't skip Valentine's Day just because you're single. Call your favorite friend or someone you haven't seen in a while and make an effort to re-connect and make your relationship stronger so that it will survive another Valentine's Day.

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Quote of the Day: Relationships last longer when Facebook doesn't know about them. (Anonymous)

Niki Payne is a Professional Blogger and SEO Specialist. She is currently working on her first book, "You Are Who You Date", a controversial, autobiographical self-help dating book geared toward young women to help them make better relationship decisions. Through her writings on a variety of topics, Niki Payne aims to challenge the status quo and the way people are conditioned to think about life, love and everything in between.


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