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3 ways to keep your New Year's Resolution

Break through in 2010
Break through in 2010
Tailored Fit

Accountability. For many of us, accountability is an important factor when attempting to complete a project, reach a goal, or perform at the highest level possible. Accountability can come in the form of a supervisor, in this case your trainer. Accountability can also come from a workout partner. Statistics show that if an individual has some form of regular evaluations, someone to report to, or work with, results are significantly better.

Knowledge. You know the story. Join a gym, or start a program at home and find yourself feeling good about your efforts and possibly some initial results. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those who start a program fail to maintain the momentum and quit prior to seeing any significant results. The human body is designed to acclimate to any new challenge. Within 4-6 weeks the body will rise to the new challenges presented to it by getting a little stronger, a little more fit. It is at this point that many individuals suffer the dreaded plateau. In the following weeks, if the program has not been changed to offer new challenges, the body will no longer respond. Cardio, resistance training and nutrition must be updated periodically in order to continue to see improvements in your fitness level.

Consistency. Maintaining a consistency with regard to a fitness program can be quite challenging with the demands place on our time in western culture. In addition, boredom with the program can also present an obstacle when trying to keep a consistent workout schedule. To begin with, many individuals take on too much at once. Start with a program that you KNOW will fit into your schedule and your lifestyle. Once your body has begun to appreciate the changes, it will demand more and you will have sufficient desire to add more to your program in order to increase results. Further, making changes in your program to keep it fresh and interesting will give you another reason to push through and stay on track.