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3 Ways to increase business

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
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It doesn't matter what business you're in, increasing and maintaining your customer base takes hard work, a good amount of time and some creativity. Caring about your clients and how you do business will ultimately affect your bottom line.

Here are three simple ways to help build your business.

Educate. Share your knowledge about your industry. Hold seminars that educate the public about what's going on. In real estate, seminars for first time homebuyers and on the subject of short sales or foreclosures can help people with one of the most important decisions of their life. By helping those who are in distress or just plain confused about the market, you'll build trust and a gain customer for life.

Join a networking group. Jacksonville has an abundance of meet up groups and many of them are geared specifically for networking. You can even start your own group. What it boils down to is, meeting with a group of professionals and small business owners who are motivated, only fuels your enthusiasm and will generate leads. Remember, by helping others, you can help yourself.

Be creative. Throw a dinner party for your clients or have a wine tasting party for the neighbors. This kind of casual setting will bring you closer and your neighbors that you only waved hello to will get to know you. People like doing business with those they trust and feel comfortable with. Don't hide what you do for a living, just don't push it down someone's throat. It takes time to build a business and friendships, but those relationships are what life's all about.

Above all else being a person of integrity, goodwill, and a fun spirit is what truly makes you a person someone would be happy to do business with.


  • Diane D. 4 years ago

    Dear Nita, This short article has three ideas that really pack a punch. Thanks for a concise list of of wonderful suggestions.

  • Lindy Johnson 4 years ago

    Great ideas for networking and building relationships. Thanks for the advice, Nita!

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