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3 ways to improve your mind for athletic performance

track competition hurdles
track competition hurdles
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

Consistent physical training can help a athlete gain superior speed, strength and power. But how much of what they gain really comes from physical training? The body is only the servant of the mind. Mind is very important to the wellness of physical body, and is able to turn a good athlete into a great athlete. When athletes engage in competitions, the mind pushes the body to its physical limits without injury. We know it can be just as much heart and head in competition then talent and skill. There are various way you can prepare you mind for competition through mental conditioning techniques.

Here's 3 techniques:

#1 Positive thinking

Thinking positive about an overcome is powerful not only to competition, but to also become a successful athlete. Positive thinking can lead to confidence, focus and inner calmness. Say positive affirmations to yourself such as; I’m the best. These simple words can be used to change your emotions quickly.

#2 Calmness

Some athletes prepare themselves, by being hyped, and tensed to compete. Learning how to be level headed and have calmness can provide you with control. And with this is awareness of self, brings the body into a relaxed state which can bring powerful aggression when it’s needed.

#3 Imagery

Using imagery will induce real competition stress so when faced with the real thing you're ready. Picturing yourself doing your sport or activity successfully can effect your actual performance. Harnessing imagery can be a powerful tool, it's for you to use when needed. The mind is a mystery, and real game is played inside of your brain.

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