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3 Ways to Grown Your Business via Customer Engagement

The way businesses market to consumers has changed a lot over the past several years. The companies that are still relying on TV, radio, and print are suffering because inbound marketing is growing at such a rapid pace. Some companies that are reluctant to change their ways are seeing a drop in sales and revenue, which leads to downsizing, layoffs, and in some cases the collapse of their business.

When your business is frantically worried about your future you tend to focus all of your efforts on staying above water while completely ignoring the most important part of your business, and that is the customer! The customer is the biggest asset your business has, so not properly engaging with them, especially if business is lacking, can spell complete disaster.

Here are some simple strategies for local businesses that are looking for ways to grow their business quickly, while focusing on their customers.

1. Make your customers priority #1

When you learn that your customers are the heartbeat of your business and make them your number one priority it will automatically translate into more sales, revenue, and business growth. Instead of worrying about the company’s bottom line, focus on delivering the highest quality service to your customer base. Turn your attention to them and make sure they are fully aware that they are your number one focus.

2. Engage and communicate directly with your customers via social media

Social media allows you to build relationships with your customers, which can then develop life long customers and brand ambassadors for your company. Instead of using your social profiles to make promotional posts, take the time to interact with your customers. Continually making “sales” posts will just turn off your customer base. Engage with them, answer their questions, and initiate conversation. This little effort can go a long way, and an engaging social media strategy is something that every inbound marketing plan should have,

3. Provide them useful information for FREE

Your business should have an email marketing list, but instead of sending out promotional emails you should be providing your list with something of value. Make your customers excited to receive emails from your company. If your emails are strictly promotional the open rate and unsubscribe rate will rise quickly. Provide useful information to your list and they will eagerly await your emails. Changing to this approach can literally change your email open rate overnight.

Our company, Market Domination Media, provides an online marketing strategy guide for free to those who sign up for our weekly newsletter. This is an example of providing something of value to your customer base. The free guide is over 80 pages of useful online marketing tips.

A successful business needs to focus on more than just sales and ROI. When you combine an online marketing strategy with a focus on your customers it will help your business experience healthy natural growth.

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