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3 ways to green your business with eco-preferable products

Staples offers quality eco-preferable products for the workplace and home office.
Staples offers quality eco-preferable products for the workplace and home office.
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Want a greener office and a cleaner planet? Of course, you do. The good news is that you can help achieve both goals simply by ordering and purchasing the right eco-preferable products for your workplace or home office.

Previously, we reported on Sustainable Earth products by Staples™ focusing primarily on notebooks, binders, copy paper and other work-related supplies. However, the Sustainable Earth catalogue includes a wider variety of products you could be using. These eco-preferable products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials and/or are third-party certified. They include:

Cleaning and paper supplies that meet the highest environmental standards – Eco-preferable cleaners (compared to conventional cleaning products) are a great way to lessen impact on the environment. Sustainable Earth by Staples paper is made from 100% recycled fiber with a minimum of 40% and as much as 80% post-consumer content. No new trees are harvested for the paper and it is whitened without harmful chlorine.

Breakroom products that provide eco-preferable alternatives – Staples has developed eco-preferable alternatives to conventional paper and plastic cups, plates, bowls and cutlery. These products are made from renewable resources, recycled and/or compostable materials.

Sustainable office supplies for your workplace or home office - Sustainable Earth by Staples office supplies such as notebooks and paper are made from sugarcane by-products, which means fewer trees are cut down, and a rapidly renewable resource is maximized. Calculator cases and buttons – as well as the body of staplers – are made from 100% recycled ink and toner cartridges. That helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Now you can lessen your company’s impact on the environment all the way from the boardroom to the break room. For more information about these and other Sustainable Earth by Staples products for your home or office, click here. Or visit your local Staples store. To find the nearest location, click here.

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